Why Choose a Safety Program

There are many reasons for implementing workplace safety practices. The goal of a safe and productive workplace, free from hazards which put employees, customers and the organization itself at peril, should be first and foremost. Valid reasons for a workplace safety program may consist of compliance with the mandates of federal and state regulatory agencies; the negative press, fines and citations that come with the absence thereof; and the ever increasing costs of property, casualty and workers compensation insurance.

Safety programs must be tailored to fit each organization. One size does not fit all. Each organization has its own particular needs. While needs may vary, it is imperative that an organization’s facilities and operations be inspected on a regular, routine basis and that all applicable fire and life safety code violations be corrected as quickly as possible. The purpose of an inspection program is to identify and remedy hazards before they lead to injuries and claims. It also sends the message that safety is a priority of the organization and helps foster a safe atmosphere. 

How Promotional Products help

When combined with a bit of creativity, safety related promo products can pump up the fun of your program and keep engagement high. There are a few ways you can use them in your program. Giveaways to all employees when the program is launched, or on program anniversaries. Safety-focused awards for meeting pesonal and company goals. Branded apparel that is good for everyday use. Bring attention to safety, and your program, by periodically surprising employees with items distributed around the office. The more products you can offer during your program, the more engaged your employees will be. 

Effective workplace safety is not an added expense, it’s a benefit and it’s everybody’s job!

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