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How Short Term Programs Benefit your Group

Short Term programs are a great solution when you don't need a full company store. They work perfectly when you only need to run a program for a couple of weeks to a month. They come in many forms that will fit your needs. They can be used as a fundraiser for a school or as a way to outfit your group. 

How Short Term Programs Can Be used

We tailor our programs to your exact needs. You can sell as few or as many products as you'd like. Choose the same design or logo on all pieces or have a couple of options to mix things up. 

We can create a paper order form that can be distributed and collected by you. Or we can design and launch a site where we collect the money and orders and process everything for you.

Use them to Fundraise, Sell Custom Merchandise, Team Uniforms, Pop Up Shops, Collect Dues and Fees, Sell Tickets, Class Gifts, Group Travel or Events, Field Trips and much more.

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