Workplace health programs have many potential benefits for both employers and employees

A workplace health program that combines both individual and organizational strategies may produce benefits both for individual employees and their families as well as the organization as a whole.  

How employees benefit

Adopting healthy behaviors not only reduces risk for developing disabling or life threatening diseases and their associated costs, but improves everyday quality of life. Comprehensive programs that address individual health behaviors as well as health and safety risks from the work environment also reduce disease and injury risk. Participation in health promotion activities through a workplace health program allows individuals to develop knowledge, self-management and coping skills as well as build a social support network among coworkers, supervisors, and family.

How employers benefit

Employers benefit from workplace health programs through enhanced productivity, decreased employee absenteeism, and lower insurance and workers compensation costs. Employers who implement a comprehensive program benefit by having the ability to reach most if not all employees at the work site simultaneously. This helps create a culture of health and makes the healthy choice an easy choice for employees. It also reduces an employer’s reliance on individual participation in employer-sponsored programs. 

How Promotional Products help

When combined with a bit of creativity, health and fitness related promo products can pump up the fun of your workplace wellness program and keep engagement high. There are a few ways you can use them in your program.  
Give something to all employees when the program is launched, or on program anniversaries. Fitness-focused awards for meeting personal goals. Branded apparel that is good for everyday use and fitness activities. Bring attention to wellness (and your wellness program) by periodically surprising employees with health-related items distributed around the office. The more products you can offer during your program, the more engaged your employees will be.  

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